Back. Hopefully this is the beginning. Will try to start strong.


I don't care who you are voting for. Neither one is truly a good choice. So if you get all riled up or passionate with one of these candidates over the other then you are wasting your time and your life with issues you should care less about.


My ideal candidate. My presidential nominee.

Abortions are shitty. Women should have the choice. And we should provide an affordable, safe, and a therapeutic environment.

However, I do believe in personal responsibility. And there is no way to not know that you are pregnant by 20 weeks. I think the morning after pill should be available.

Getting pregnant and raising kids is a serious responsability.

As government policy, I'd be happy to ban pregnancies after 20 weeks. Young people need to be responsible for their behavior.This takes education. This also takes an outlet to allow accidents and mistakes to happen.

Gun Control. I don't want your guns. Keep them. Personally I am against them. I just think the world is a better place without them. I understand the pro-gun argument. My one requirement. Stop the gun show loop hole. Register, and license the automatics. We require registration and licenses to drive, to vote, and basically require them to be a participant in this country. Stop fighting against this simple piece of legislation and help this country become a better place.


Black Lives Matter. I understand the frustration but truly the movement should be all lives matter.

We have great police departments and officers across the country.

However some adjustments to the protective blue wall of brotherhood need to be made. The good cops outnumber the assholes but some of them need to speak up a bit more in the face of bigotry, racism and violence. The tough guy cop act needs to get toned down. A few lessons in mediating perhaps.

As part of this narrative though one needs to understand that even a good cop will become jaded working the beat in high crime jurisidictions. The reality and trauma of the police officers daily routine and visual stimuli is not properly being added to this debate.

My proposal. A separate set of trial rules with more lenient punishments.

---- That's it for today. - Thursday July 21st, 2016







As your candidate, I would promise to keep the policy of policing in this country a debatable topic.


Solutions, not easy and respect has to be made to the














uld know by 20 weeks that you are pregnant.


and I don't believe that this is a burden that should fall on the state.



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It is Tuesday, February 23, 2016.

6-months have now gone by since our last visit.

A new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has landed on our supermarket checkout lines. A titilatingly fantastic cover that annualy broadcasts the economic and social hypocrisies prevalent in our professionally media saturated lives.

sports illustrated Swimsuit Issue Magazine Cover Hailey Clauson


But enough about that. Wasting my time lamenting and getting frustrated with the maze of disillusioned mid-level decision makers can only drag us down into their futility and wastefulness.

We last spoke of starting a journey. Over the past few months we have been preparing. We begin May 2016.

Stay tuned.




Today is Thursday, July 21, 2016


We are about to start a journey.

So take off your pants and get comfortable.

nyc pants off subway flashers

As Bruce once sang, the door might be open but the ride ain't free.Click the image above to start your ride.

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